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Environmental Law

(Providing Excellent Environmental Legal Counsel To Clients Who Need Assistance)

Kollias Law provides excellent environmental legal counsel to clients who need assistance with property transactions, corporate mergers/acquisition, and contamination incidents. Kollias Law also handles the evaluation, prosecution, or defense of possible environmentally related claims.

Mr. Kollias is frequently brought in before an acquisition to recommend, contract with, and manage qualified environmental consultants in order to assist with due diligence investigations.

As the environmental investigation proceeds, Mr. Kollias will help the client understand the legal and regulatory significance associated with the findings that come out of a soil/groundwater/vapor investigation, including whether contamination conditions require reporting to government agencies and disclosure to adjacent third parties.

Additionally, you’ll be provided detailed and specific conclusions and legal opinions as to whether consummating a transaction will create exposure to remediation liability to government agencies and/or economic damages liability to private parties.

Real Estate & Commercial Properties

Contamination conditions can adversely impact the design, budget, and schedule of site development and construction activities. Mr. Kollias is often called on to support real estate and corporate lawyers in the drafting of environmental representations, warranties, releases, indemnifications, cleanup agreements, and cleanup escrows.

In this regard, Mr. Kollias has represented buyers and sellers of land, buyers and sellers of developed property, buyers and sellers of corporations, lenders financing real property transactions, borrowers seeking construction and/or acquisition financing, and landlords and tenants.

Permits And Compliance

Commercial transactions often involve an environmental permit; at Kollias Law, we are experienced in pursuing such permits, whether they involve a wetland or natural resource matter, an industrial operation, or the handling, storage, dispensing, and disposal of hazardous materials.

Our environmental legal practice also involves ensuring that, on a day-to-day basis, clients comply with the obligations that are imposed on them as a result of any federal, state, or local permitting requirement. On the occasions that a client falls out of compliance with an environmental permit, we’ve been called upon to respond to the notice of violation, defend the enforcement action, or the proposed penalty.

Environmental Claims

A major element of our environmental legal practice is asserting or defending a wide array of environmental claims, whether they be statutory, common law, or contractual, that may be brought at the federal or state levels as a result of a contamination discharge or the mere presence of, or proximity to, actual or perceived contamination. Mr. Kollias’ deep understanding of how environmental claims are brought and litigated also inform the counsel that is provided to clients in a transactional context, while shaping the legal and business recommendations that are made and the negotiating positions taken.

Kollias Law

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