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Business Law And Litigation

(Delaware Business Law Firm Assisting Business Entrepreneurs)

Business Formation Assistance

Since 2012, Kollias Law has counseled businesses in New Castle County and throughout Delaware in business transactions and business law issues, including assisting in both trials and arbitration. Proper entity selection and formation is an essential first step, choosing the proper business structure is imperative to smooth operations and a thriving enterprise.

We often recommend that a business be incorporated as a limited liability company, because that corporate format provides for flexible governance and, with the appropriate operating agreement, can be tailored to a variety of business situations.

Finally, for most start-up companies, we can incorporate the company and prepare the organizing documents very quickly. We believe that the personalized service of a law firm can be invaluable to an entrepreneur starting a business in a complex and challenging environment.

Legal Assistance Protects Your Rights In Business Transactions

Mr. Kollias also assists Delaware-area businesses with a broad range of transactional matters. We also represent clients in business litigation cases, effectively and efficiently resolving disputes that can hamper business operations and profitability. Mr. Kollias also handles contract matters, including carefully drafting and reviewing all types of business contracts and employment agreements Shareholder and LLC member issues.

We have experience setting up:

  • Corporations
  • “S” corporations
  • Partnerships
  • Limited partnerships
  • Limited liability companies
  • Sale of business transactions
  • Employment contracts
  • Non-compete agreements
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