Kollias Law - Real Estate Lawyer - Wilmington, DE
Kollias Law - Real Estate Lawyer - Wilmington, DE

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Since much of the practice at Kollias Law is time-sensitive, it is always best to proactively get ahead of your legal problems. To speak with an experienced attorney regarding whichever legal matter you need support with, call our office in Wilmington, DE, as soon as possible. Remember, it is never too early to get ahead of an issue, but waiting around can make it too late. So, call today to get started!

Welcome To Kollias Law

Kollias Law in Wilmington, DE, takes pride in assisting a variety of clients to handle their legal issues in a range of practice areas. Since many legal problems require the resources and in-depth knowledge to navigate successfully, choosing to work with the top attorney in your area is paramount if you wish to lay the best possible foundation for success. So, for matters of business, commercial, environmental, estate planning, real estate, business litigation, or criminal law, Kollias Law has the resources and experience to help you through even the most complex of situations.

We understand that many of the issues our clients face can be overwhelming, especially since many hold the potential to leave lasting implications in their lives. For example, a criminal law proceeding that is mishandled could leave the client with penalties and consequences that may have been easily avoidable if only they had sought the help of a criminal law attorney. From unnecessary fines to a lasting record of the offenses that could impact future opportunities, a negative outcome is what we aim to avoid at every step of the way. So, to get the legal assistance you need, contact Kollias Law to get started with a conversation with an experienced attorney as soon as possible!

Since Kollias Law is your go-to resource for a variety of current and potential legal issues, it can be confusing where to start. However, with a focus on keeping clients in the loop and ensuring an efficient and smooth process as much as possible, you can find introductory information to help you in the preliminary navigation. Regardless, if you are confused and do not know where to turn for matters of real estate law to estate planning and beyond, call (302) 444-8140 Kollias Law for additional information and guidance.

Our Practice Areas

The attorneys at Kollias Law have years of experience in all stated areas of practice. This allows us to provide reasoned judgment in assisting our Clients obtain their goals.

Business Law And Litigation

Business Law And Litigation Lawyer - Wilmington, DE
With a decade of experience helping establish businesses of all kinds, advising businesses on a range of issues, and helping litigate any issues that may arise, you can rest assured that your venture is in good hands. Whether you are only considering establishing your S Corporation, LLC, Partnership, or many more, it is vital to work closely with a Business Law Attorney to make sure all of the details are in line to allow for a successful venture.

The world of business can be confusing and overwhelming enough, even without the legal hassles that pop up along the way. If a matter that requires litigation presents itself as a roadblock in your business’s path, call a Wilmington Business Litigation Attorney as soon as possible. The earlier a business attorney can become associated with your business, the more familiar they will be with your business’s inner workings and operation. This will allow fewer mistakes to be made along the way due to their advice and will enable them to have the knowledge and familiarity necessary if litigation becomes a looming threat.

Client Testimonials

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to resolve problems as quickly and economically as possible, hoping to avoid litigation, and its associated costs and expenses, allowing our clients to move on with their day-to-day lives concentrating on the issues that matter to them most.

Commercial Law

Commercial Law Lawyer - Wilmington, DE
Issues arise constantly when businesses or companies enter into agreements or other arrangements with outside sources. From failing to pay the agreed-upon amount for services provided to contract disputes and beyond, having a commercial law attorney close at hand can be an invaluable resource for any commercial operation.

If your commercial operation needs an attorney for anything from impending business torts to insurance issues and everything in between, Kollias Law is here to help. With the experience and knowledge gained over a career of success in helping clients and their businesses reach favorable results, you can rest assured that you are in good hands, even in some of the most challenging situations. So, call as soon as possible to speak with an experienced Wilmington, DE, Commercial Law Attorney.

Real Estate Lawyer - Wilmington, DE

Navigating the process of buying or selling real estate or anything step in between can be confusing, even for individuals with experience in the field. Since procedures and regulations change constantly, it is wise to hire a real estate law attorney to assist you along the way.

At Kollias Law, we take pride in assisting clients through a range of real estate issues and various other services. To explore the options available to assist you, call our Wilmington, DE, office to speak with an experienced attorney and find the best path to success for you!

Estate Planning And Probate Lawyer - Wilmington, DE

Losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and incredibly frustrating experience, especially if there is a complex legal proceeding in the works while you and the family attempt to grieve those you have lost. To best avoid this possibility, hiring an estate planning attorney as soon as possible to establish an estate plan or update an existing plan is essential. Additionally, since estate planning procedures and requirements vary throughout the country and even within states, finding an estate planning lawyer in the Wilmington, DE, area is vital to the success of the estate.

However, estate planning does not only offer benefits to the deceased and their families. With powers of attorney and healthcare directives, you can rest assured that your finances and healthcare decisions will be handled in a manner consistent with your wishes in the tragic event of sudden incapacitation or another event that causes you not to be able to make legal decisions. While it is never too early to start your estate plan, it can be too late. So, call Kollias Law as soon as possible to get started.

Environmental Law Lawyer - Wilmington, DE

Handling environmental claims can be one of the more complex areas of law to navigate without an environmental lawyer's explicit experience and knowledge. However, since asserting or defending claims can have such heft repercussions for the business and real estate they are often leveled against, getting the job done right the first time can save everyone involved both time and money.

Additionally, ensuring any real estate or property owned by yourself or your associates can be a complicated issue to parse and requires a careful eye to catch before it is too late. However, even if a property does not comply, that does not necessarily spell disaster. By consulting with Kollias Law, you can ensure no issues exist in the first place, and if they do, they can be mitigated and fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible before the issue gets out of hand.

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